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Album 4: …. under construction …

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……. ALBUM 4  IS IN THE MAKING .. 2018 ? ..


So many songs to write:  Musical Despair; Tectonic Plates Beneath; Hunger; Above The Clouds; Cute Hoors; Creaking Timbers; The Blanket Guarantee; Thomas Francis Maher; Auschwitz; Rwanda-Srebrenica; Empty Waves; The Road Ending; City Scene; Waiting at Midnight; The Ticking Clock; Igassu Falls; Clinging On; Lost and Gone; The Universe Inside; Mermaid Madness; Winter Landscape; Curragh Camp; If we run out of drink: Deep Time; Loc Na Malin;  Top Of The Pile, Briseann an Duchas ….. and the next will probably be none of those!

Songs sometimes just emerge .. carried into existence on a new riff or in a subconcious thought. Other times they come predefined .. like the ones above that I am ‘determied’ to write .. but maybe never will.  The creative process is like going someplace where you have never been or never heard of before .. you have NO idea what will be there until it happens  .. and then afterwards it seems you always knew.

Thats the other thing about creativity .. you can never be sure a ‘next one’ will actually arrive .. ever.

Well below are the names of what will probably be the next 10 .. many different to planned, but, nearly there anyway.

Note that only numbers  2), 4), 7) and 10) are playable as yet !

1) Heading into Harbour Tune Play

2) The Volunteer Play

3) Boom and Burst Tune Play

4) Sad Evening Play

5) It Never Should Happen Play

6) Bilberry Goat Tune Play

7) The Sea HorsePlay

8) Volunteer Tune Play

9) Seahorse Tune Play

10) Baltimore Pirates Play



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