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Latest News

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Jan 2015: In what was kept as a wonderful surprise for us, Riggerloftets performed their interpretation of Joe’s song ‘To What, To Where, To Why’ (which was inspired by a very special personal poem in the Nowegian by Ann-Christin) for us at the 2013 Ballydehob Festival. We were all spell-bound by it. Congratulations to Helge for the superb interpretation (the almost hymn-like chorus was ‘magic’), to Lars and the choir and especially to Ann-Christin for sharing her sad, but real-life story with us.

Dec 2014: Album1 and Album2 are uploaded on this site for your comments, Album no.3 is nearing completion.

June 2012: Our great friends Riggerloftets from Tonsberg (Norway) performed their own interpretation of  Joe’s song ‘Tomorrow’ in their 2012 repertoire .. a new interpretation .. different to anything done before .. the coreography is really magnificent.  They performed it for Hooks and Crooks in Dublin and afterwards at the Festival in Sligo in June 2012.

Aug 2011: The great Dutch group Scheepsfolk have Joe’s song ‘Tomorrow’ (the new ‘non-Christmas’ version) on their new CD. Scheepsfolk first heard this performed at the Bremen Shanty Festival last year by Hooks and Crookes and Joe was very pleased to say yes, when they asked if they also could do it. The Hooks and Crookes recording is on the 2010 Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival CD under the title ‘Dance the Dance’ (this festival CD can be got from ‘The Chantey Cabin’). A wonderful version of the song Sheepsfolk .. well done !.

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